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SafeSpace's Bad Date / Check-In Line

At SafeSpace we believe that criminalization of sex work (it being illegal) makes the work more dangerous. We believe sex workers will naturally do their best to keep themselves safe given the chance to. SafeSpace operates a bad date and check in line for all sex workers which you can call or text: ​

This line is not an emergency or crisis service. In cases of emergency call 911 If you need crisis support for sexual assault, if you are being trafficked/abused call ANOVA's​ 24 hour line at 519-642-3000
Join us on Facebook at for news, updates about the space and bad date reports

​Bad​ ​Date​ ​Reporting​ Line 

Call to leave a message or text us if you want to warn other workers about a bad date. Some helpful info about bad dates include: physical appearance- skin colour, size, weight, outfit, tattoos or scars. Events leading to the incident-what was said as well as body language. What the perpetrator did and how you got away-what worked or didn't work. Any other helpful info like method of transportation-if a car was involved do you remember the plate, colour or make?

Check​-​In​ ​Line 

In the event you are not able to set up a buddy system when going on a date and/or it is with an unfamiliar client. You can call the line and leave your name and info about the call (address and/or name), how long the date will last and who you want us to contact in the event you do not check back in with us. *We check the line once a day.


Call or Text

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