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Member Forum: FAQs

Who should be a member?


Members of SafeSpace are female (trans-inclusive) identified and non-binary folks who currently consider themselves to be local sex workers.

I'm not a sex worker or ally. Can I be a member anyway? 

No. All members must be approved by an Admin. Members can also have their accessed revoked by an Admin, if it becomes necessary.

But I'm curious... what's in the the member forum?


It's a moderated discussion forum for members to exchange information and offer support amongst themselves. Chill out. 

Who can see if I am a member?


Only approved and active members are able to see the list of other members and access their personalized member profile. 

My computer is shared. How can I protect my privacy?


Great question! Make sure to log back out of your account when you are finished using the forum. Do not share your password with others.

Why is there a Panic Button at the bottom right of the page?


The Panic Button is to help you exit this website as quickly as possible in an urgent situation. This could be for privacy reasons, safety, or because of a shared computer. When clicked, the Panic Button will bring you to the Weather Network website for London, Ontario. A totally normal and non-stigmatizing place for anyone to be found while browsing the internet.